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 Cody Rhodes TNA Bound???

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PostSubject: Cody Rhodes TNA Bound???   Cody Rhodes TNA Bound??? EmptyFri Sep 09, 2016 2:55 pm

Quote :
Cody Rhodes has been making waves on the independent scene as of late, and it was recently reported that Cody is expected to debut with TNA. Cody is planning to work a program with Mike Bennett in TNA, and he’s also going to be working in ROH, but he won’t be under contract to either company.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cody will also be heading to NJPW to work at least one match with Katsuyori Shibata. Cody has also received offers to work indie shows with his former tag team partner Damien Sandow, now known as Aron Rex. However, Cody has not accepted those offers as of right now because he’s focused on working with talents he hasn’t worked with yet, and crossing names off of his list.

It was also noted that Cody has aspirations of doing more acting work, and he’s hoping that his appearance on “Arrow” will turn into a recurring role.

As of right now Cody can’t use the Rhodes name on TNA or ROH TV, but that could change because talks with WWE are ongoing. WWE is claiming ownership and merchandising rights to the Dusty Rhodes name, and Cody has been planning to release a book about his father.

Cody recently spoke to The Two Man Power Trip of wrestling about all the rumors and what might be next for himself and Brandi. The full episode will be released on Friday. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes and check out the official website here, along with a quote below.

“I think rumors and speculation are wonderful because we all love them, we are the ones who read and perpetuate them in pro wrestling. That means the wrestlers and the fans, so we are equally guilty. I don’t like beating over the head that we are some, super happy married couple (because) that’s obvious and very much on the surface but I also want fans to see what she (Brandi) can do. So, if I am able to help that I am certainly going to help that because I think that folks will be impressed. I think as far as some of the rumors as of late about branching out into different promotions and stuff like that, a lot of that is just rumor. But here is a good way to look at that. If I put your name on the list, I intend to make that happen. If you are in a company and I have to come into that company to make that match happen, I have no issue doing that. Not in the slightest. That is only good for the fans and the brand and myself.”

“As far as Brandi and I being a package deal, that is fun (you are kind of opening my eyes to it as we are talking) because it is all new to me too. That is fun because her and I love each other and it is cool that we are not pretending. I got a huge kick out of her throwing her shoes at Marty Scrull at the “Battle of Los Angeles” or slapping him and just her overall because she’s been around Dusty, she’s been around me, she knows these little things about wrestling that it takes other people FOREVER to figure out and pickup and I like seeing that savvy that she has about herself, I really enjoy it.”

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Cody Rhodes TNA Bound???
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