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 Elimination Chamber

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PostSubject: Elimination Chamber    Elimination Chamber  EmptyTue Feb 27, 2018 5:00 pm

now don't no bout anyone else but I really struggled to get in to this PPV. I don't no if its cos we all new the outcome of the mens chamber that ruined it some part of me was hoping they done a swerve and have Seth will but looks like they are making him look strong for after when Lesnar is gone and challenge Roman for title.

I thought the womens chamber match was better than the mens tbh. My highlight of the show was Elias I love this guy I think he is the best thing in wrestling atm his segments before matches are great his if you don't stop booing I wont sing .... Lucky I hit the right pitch in a note and that means I have to continue haha

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Elimination Chamber
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