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 The CM Punk question

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Most decorated Champion in history

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PostSubject: The CM Punk question   The CM Punk question EmptyTue Sep 12, 2017 9:51 pm

It's getting on for four years since Punk walked out. Since then, he's been sued by WWE's doctor for making allegations on Cabana's podcast, been battered in less than two minutes in UFC by a proper fighter, done celeb stuff all with no sign of a second UFC fight - which, to be honest, if he gets his ass handed to him again, is probably the end of his fighting career.

The big question - will he ever come back to WWE? Would you even want him back? How would you bring him back?

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CM Punk

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PostSubject: Re: The CM Punk question   The CM Punk question EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 7:20 pm

He revealed last month that he is preparing for a second UFC fight and that his opponent should be announced some time in September.

But I think he will come back to WWe eventually I personally would love to see him back would probably chuck him back as a return with reigns as he is calling himself the guy.

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The CM Punk question
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