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 Itami Injuried and Paige Suspended Again

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Itami Injuried and Paige Suspended Again Empty
PostSubject: Itami Injuried and Paige Suspended Again   Itami Injuried and Paige Suspended Again EmptyFri Oct 14, 2016 4:44 pm

So on an untelevised match Hideo Itami has had his neck injuries in a match with "rookies" Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss who recently lost in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He has said in a wwe exclusive that he won't be in the tournament with Ibushi and that he probably won't be at the next Take-Over. He has promised he would be at NXT Take-Over Osaka in December

As for Paige she has now been suspended for 60 days, wwe has posted on social media that this was due to an illegal substance while she has made no comment about it beyond saying she had doctors slips and her family saying she was on pain medication. There also seems to be some dispute between her and the WWE about her next surgery being necessary or not and if deemed unnecessary the WWE will not help cover costs of the surgery.

It's a real bummer about Itami and it really raises the question as to why they would be having the older bigger names even doing gymnasium shows his partner in the match was apparently Nakamura so what would have happened if Shinsuke got hurt instead facing green opponents. For a draw standpoint it makes sense but Nakamura, Joe, Itami, Roode, and Aries are all veterans of wrestling and if they aren't going to be brought up at least they should be protected a little bit so that the big draws to NXT aren't getting hurt by unestablished talent.
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Itami Injuried and Paige Suspended Again
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