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 Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!!

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Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!! Empty
PostSubject: Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!!   Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!! EmptyWed Jul 27, 2016 4:00 pm

So weve been here for a few years have had the ups and downs. During the beginning i was very active and passionate for posting. But recent years ive begun to slack off due to being busy in real life with my little man and working.

Ive been thinking for the last few weeks and decided im back and going to be back to how i use to be. Which is why ive started posting the shows as it was only last week i noticed last shows and ppvs posted are from last year in September, this i believe is one of the reasons people dropped off here and stopped new comers sticking around.

Ive also been trying to start some debates like we use to have to discuss wrestling.so heres some goals ive thought about.


  • Upload All Wrestling Shows For Everyone To Watch the next day after they have aired

  • Upload as many as possible WWE Network shows

  • Post regular and breaking wrestling news

  • Be more engaging with our little community feel free to contact me on here by messages or posting

  • Take request on what people want uploaded


I would like to apologise and thank the people who have stayed with us throught the years and are still here. I no there are many clone websites like ours out there but appreciate the regulars sticking around and continuing to post. If you have any ideas for the site or ways of improving our popularity post below on inbox me. I hope to get more people on here to join us regulars and help Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!!

Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!! Dean_ambrose_old_signature_by_htn4ever-d8fb8l6

"You have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something." - Eminem
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Lets Make wweandtna.niceboard.org Great Again!!!
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