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 FWO Reborn

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Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

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PostSubject: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 8:46 pm

Going to give this another go. Got a few weeks written up so going to post on the dates that are stated starting from Wednesday. Give yourself a reminder of what went on.


Maybe shite but it's something I like doing.
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 8:48 pm

Paul Young interviews Ted Dibiase on IWC Radio.

Quote :
PY: "Around 14months ago I sat here with The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. He was here promoting The FWO - which stood for Future Wrestling Organisation. He explianed about his roster and his search for talent. He also told us about his journey to find a venue to hold he’s FWO, a home for the FWO. He found that home. He found it in Chicago, Illinos. That home was called The Circus. Mr Dibiase told us he had a 12 month plan for the FWO. After 12 months it would either Sink or Swim. Well unfortunatly The FWO didn't have a chance to swim. The Circus burned down two days before their first PPV FWO: Blast Off. It was over before it started - or so we thought. I'm joined in the studio once again by The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. He has some exciting news. Good afternoon Ted.”

TD: “Afternoon Paul”

PY: “Ted, you have an exclusive for the fans at home.”

TD: “Yes I do Paul, I am here to tell you all that The FWO is Back! Starting from scratch. The Circus has been rebuilt and we have agreed a 6 month deal with them to hold FWO Wild Wednesday there.”

PY: “WOW, that's great news. Tell us how the fire happened, how you got back in and why you didn't go to another venue to keep the FWO going.”

TD: “Well Paul, I don't know how The Circus burned down. The fire Brigade wouldn't tell me as it's not my building, I just hire the place. When I heard the news I was devestated. It was two days before our very first PPV, FWO Blast Off. We had already held Wild Wednesday there for 4 weeks and the build up to the PPV was great. As you know, we didn't have a TV deal so the only way you could watch it was on FWO.com. At that PPV I was going to announce that we had signed a 6 month TV deal with Spike TV. Obv2iously, that deal didn't happen because there was nowhere to host the FWO.”

PY: Why not? Why didn't you go elsewhere?”

TD: “I tried. It was pretty much the same reasons as before. No-one, apart from The Circus, wanted anything to do with us. I wanted a place for at least 3 months to host a weekly show and 3, maybe 4 PPV's. Cities across the country wouldn't let me block book like that because they didn't know which way The FWO would go. We may not have sold tickets for the shows and that would leave them out of money on a weekly basis. I can totally understand that from a business point of view. While I was searching across the country, The Circus was getting re-built. I recieved a call from the owner of The circus telling me that the arena would be ready to re-open in a few months and was I intrested in returning here. So we met up and struck a deal.”

PY: “Thats great news. What was the reaction from your roster when you told them about the fire.”

TD: “The hardest part was telling the superstars that we had nowhere to host FWO. A lot of them had left either WWE or TNA to come here, and now I was telling them that we had no show.”

PY: “Has everyone stayed with you on your roster? You can't blame them if they haven't”.

TD: “Suprisingly Paul, most of them have stayed. We were going to reveal a few new stars to our roster at FWO: Blast Off, because at the time they were available. Unfortunate those won't be joining us now.”

PY: “Can you tell us who they were?”

TD: “Yes. Chris Jericho was one guy. He had finished touring with Fozzy so was available for 6 months. As you know he went back to WWE. The other guys were Batista and Goldberg. I've tried to hire them again but they said that they have other projects.”

PY: “Huge signings there, it's a pity they couldn't join this time round. Does that leave your roster a bit short now?”

TD: “No, not really. I've always wanted around 30 guys on the roster. This current moment in time we have 27.”

PY: “Can you tell us your roster?”

TD: “I can Paul. We have re-signed our tag team division. LAX, MNM, Hart Legacy, Priceless and the new guys Scorpio and Tarantula. I'm really happy with this. None were getting a push apart from Cody Rhodes so they were all happy to have another crack in The FWO.”

PY: “Great news. what about the rest? has the likes of Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Joe Henning, Rey Mysterio and Austin Aries re-signed?”

TD: “Yes they all have apart from Austin Aries. When I called Aries and offered him a contract he said he was grateful but he is going to stay with TNA. I couldn't blame him. He is their current World Champion. But everyone else has resigned, including the likes of Renee Dupree and Mohammed Hassan. Also, MVP is here now. Last year he was in Japan and didn't wrestle in The FWO.”

PY: “That's great news. Can you tell us the new guys you have signed?”

TD: “I don't want to give it all away but we have signed 3 guys and will be known
to you all very soon.”

PY: “Can we have a clue on who they are?”

TD: “Well, ok. Two of them are not American. That’s all I’m telling you.”

PY: “OK Ted, I won't keep on at you. What I do want to ask is has the referee's, announcers, commentators and interviewers came back?”

TD: “Yes they all have. We still have Bradley Pringle and Charlie Speed on commentary, Big Bob Summer doing back stage interviews, Cory Jacobs and Dennis Fisher are the referees. Everyone has come back”.

PY: “That's great. It looks like everyone has stuck together and stayed very loyal to you. I assume you still have the same goals as before?”

TD: “Yes we do Paul. Again we have no TV deal, so fans can watch on FWO.Com. We are hoping to get a TV deal as soon as possible. We are putting a weekly show on every Wednesday called FWO: Wild Wednesday and we will be putting on a PPV every month. We have 3 titles. The FWO World Title, The Tag Team Titles and The Chicago Title. Our first PPV is called FWO: Blast Off. Again it's a 12 month plan. After the year I hope we are in a position to go on another 12months. I'm really excited for the times ahead.”

PY: “Yes I am too. I wish you all the look with the FWO. Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Thank You for joining me. FWO: Wild Wednesday starts this Wednesday on FWO.Com.”
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 8:50 pm

Jonothan Simms Extract from Wrestling Observer

Quote :
We heard last week that The Future Wrestling Organisation (FWO) was making a return. Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase confirmed it in a radio interview with Paul Young. Can it be a success? Only time will tell. They have kept most of their talent, which is good. I think a few more will be tuning in as they know who to look out for - but with no TV deal it will be a struggle. I spoke to Ted Dibiase's Lawyer Bernie Smith earlier today. He told us that he had just finalised contracts with three "well known" superstars and was "very close to a forth". "I have just come out of a meeting with Mr Dibiase and certain superstars. I can confirm that three out of the four have signed to FWO, with the fourth guy very close. Just a few minor details to iron out and he will then sign. I can tell you he is one of the biggest stars in the business today". I asked him if he could tell me who they were. He told me that two of them were from WWE and the other had signed from TNA. He didn't want to speak anymore about the fourth superstar.

Mr Smith didn't give anything else away regarding the signings of superstars, but was very excited about keeping lot of the roster. "I’m pleased the likes of Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and MVP have stayed with us. This was a big deal to us. After the Fire to The Circus we thought we would lose a few guys back to WWE and TNA. It goes to show what Mr Dibiase and his powers of persuasion can do".

FWO: Wild Wednesday begins this Wednesday only on FWO.Com.
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 9:09 pm

FWO Wild Wednesday – 26-09-12

The show opens with Ted Dibiase and his lawyer Bernie Smith in the ring.

TD: Good evening everyone and good evening to all of you watching on FWO.Com. Thank you for joining us. We are in for some exciting times ahead. These past 14 months have been very hard after The Circus burned down, but we're back and I want to thank each and everyone for your support. I want to thank all of the FWO roster for sticking by me. I want to thank all employees for sticking by me. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have a second chance. My aim is still the same. To become the next big wrestling organisation, and we are going to start tonight. We have three titles up for grabs. FWO world title, Chicago title and the tag team titles. Over the next 4 weeks we will build up to our first PPV which is FWO: Blast Off. By then we will know our title matches. But firstly we have to decide who will be in the title matches. The FWO World Title will be decided by an 8 man tournament. Two matches this week and two matches next week. Then the week after that we will have our two semi-final matches. In four weeks time Wild Wednesday before FWO Blast Off, we'll have the official contract signing. This week we have Rey Mysterio taking on Samoa Joe and we have Jeff Hardy going against Chicago's own, Leroy Brown. The winner of those two matches will meet in two weeks time in a semi final match. Next week we have two debutants. Eric Young will take on one of the debutant in the opening contest next week. He won't find out his opponent until just before the bell rings. The final part of the bracket will see the Middle Eastern nightmare Mohammad Hassan take on the remaining debutant. His identity will be revealed later on in the show tonight.

The Tag Team titles will be up for grabs at FWO: Blast Off. Tonight we have Priceless taking on Scorpio and Tarantula. Next week we have LAX taking on Hart Legacy. The winners of both matches will meet at FWO: Blast Off for the tag team titles.
Over the next few weeks I will watch certian matches to get an idea who will compete for the Chicago Title at FWO: Blast Off. I will announce the match over the next few weeks.

Thats all form me for now. Its time to start the show.

Ted Dibiase's music hits and he leaves the ring with Lawyer Bernie Smith.

Bradley Pringle (BP): We're back in business. Ted Dibiase seems up for this.

Charlie Speed (CS): He certainly does Bradley. Can I just say it's glad to be back.

BP: Agreed, now lets get on with our first match.

FWO World Title qualifying match: Samoa Joe v Rey Mysterio

Match Ending. A fast paced match sees Samoa Joe with the advantage for most using his power. Mysterio using his speed to try and catch out Joe but Joe keeps blocking shot after shot. Mysterio is thrown outside. Joe runs off the rope and back and dives through the ropes to attempt a flying shoulder block. Mysterio moves and Joe hits the railing, holding his shoulder. Rey gets back into the ring. Referee Cory Jacobs goes outside to see to Joe. Myestrio goes to the top turnbuckle and attempts a high cross body on Joe, who is now on his feet. Joe see's Mysterio in mid air and pulls Referee between himself and Mysterio. The Referee is down and out. Joe gets back in the ring, still suffering from a hurt shoulder. Mysterio see's to Cory Jacobs. Then from behind, Renee Dupree jumps from behind the announce table and attacks Mysterio from behind. He rolls Rey into the ring and hits him with his signature move 'The French Kiss' (a Full Nelson Slam). Dupree then dusts his handsdown, looks over to Samoa Joe and motions his hand to say 'he's all yours' before jumping out of the ring and back across the guard rail behind the announce table. The referee is starting to climb back into the ring. Joe picks up Mysterio and puts him on the top turn buckle and sets him up for a knuckle buster. Goes for the pin. 1-2-3. Winner: Samoa Joe.

BP: Samoa Joes advances to the Semi Finals after a hard fought victory

CS: He advances thanks to Renee Dupree. A cowardly attack from behind. This hapened last year. Dupree cost Mysterio his title shot then and he's done it again tonight!

BP: That maybe the case Charlie but Joe has qualified. Renee Dupree will have his reasons.

CS: He may have his reasons but he should of waited until Mysterio wasn't in a match!

BP: If he has a problem with Rey Mysterio he can sort it out when ever he wants. I didn't realise there was a set time you had to confront people!

CS: You'll never change will you Bradley. Why can't you admit when you are wrong.

BP: How am I wrong, because he attacked Mysterio during a match? Perhaps the timing was wrong but if he felt the time was right. Lets move on. I understand Big Bob Summer is backstage with a announcement to make. Bob, over to you.

BBS: Thanks Bradley. Ladies and Gentlemen, At this time can I introduce to you the latest superstar to join the FWO. He will comppete next week for a chance at The FWO World Title as he squares off against 'The Middle Eastern Nightmare' Mohammad Hassan. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Christian Cage!

Christian walks into shot

BBS: Christian, it's great to have you here in FWO. Can you tell us how you joined?

CC: Well Big Bob, Firstly, it's an honour to be here in the FWO, and i'm greatful for the chance by Ted Dibiase. Mr Dibiase contacted me a few months ago to see if I was intrested in Joining this revelution. I haven't been used on WWE television for a while and Mr Dibiase noticed that. He told me that I would get my chance to be a top star in FWO and opportunities would always be there. He said that he would buy out the remaining length of my contract from Vince McMahon. So I went to see Vince and informed him of this. He was very reluctant to do this but at this moment he didn't have any plans for me in the near future. Mr Dibiase's lawyer Bernie Smith spoke with Vince McMahons people and they struck a deal and here I am today.

BBS: Great for FWO. If you don't mind me saying, the WWE don't use you as much as they should in my opinion. You left to go to TNA. Became their World Champion, returned to WWE, had a stint as champion and now of their screens again. Now you are here. Why don't they use you as much?

CC: I'm not sure to be honest and I don't want to discuss it. I'm here in the FWO and I want to focus on next week's Wild Wednesday and my match with Mohammed Hassan.

BBS: OK point taken. Your match will be a tough one. I see you are using the name Christian Cage. what are the reasons why?

CC: It's what I started out with and I feel it's my real wrestling name.

BBS: And finally your thoughts on your opponent next week?

CC: Hassan is a very tough competitor and it will be a great match, but i'm up for the challange and i'm here to be The FWO world champion.

BBS: There you have it. Christian Cage is the latest name to join the FWO. Back to you guys at ringside.

CS: Christian Cage is in the FWO: what a great capture from The Million Dollar Man!

BP: OK Charlie calm down. Yes he is a great accusation to the FWO but he won't have it easy against Mohammed Hassan next week.

CS: Indeed he will but I can’t help getting excited about who is next to join the FWO next week!

BP: Up next is our Tag Team contest.

FWO Tag Team Title Qualifying Match: Scorpio and Tarantula vs. Priceless

Match Ending. Scorpio and Tarantula has isolated Cody Rhodes. Frequent tags in and out. Ted Dibiase Jnr is pacing the apron trying to get in. Scorpio suplex's Rhodes in the centre of the ring. He runs to the ropes, a little to close to Dibiase Jnr, who kicks Scorpio. Scorpio's attendion is turned to Dibiase Jnr. He hip tosses him into the ring. Scoprio beats down on Dibiase. Rhodes has roled out of the ring by this time and goes for a chair. Rhodes gets back in the ring. Tarantula runs in and grabs the chair from Rhodes. He swings the chair and hits Rhodes on the head. The referee turns round just in time to see Tarantula hit Rhodes. He calls for the bell. Priceless win the contest via DQ. Ring announcer Phil Kruger announces that Priceless go on to FWO: Blast Off to compete for the FWO Tag Team Titles.

BP: Priceless Take a beating but still go on to FWO: Blast Off to go for the Tag Team Titles.

CS: Inexperience shown by Tarantula and it has cost his team the victory. They were in control for most of that match.

BP: He'll learn from that otherwise he won't pick up many victories.

*A cameraman is following Leroy Brown backstage. He goes into Jeff Hardy's Locker Room*

LB: So you are back are you. Stealing the spotlight again. Why couldn't you just stay away.

JH: I'm stealing no-one's spotlight. I'm here because Ted Dibiase signed me up, same as he signed you up!

LB: I think he felt sorry for you. You are past it Jeff. You have no chance in beating me. This is my home town. Born and Bread here. I deserve to be FWO Champion and you not going to get in my way.

JH: Just because it's your home town doesn't give you any right to be here as much as the next guy. Believe me when I say this, If you want that FWO title so bad, you'll have to kill me to get past me.

*Hadry is now nose to nose with Leroy Brown*

I know what it takes to win a World Title. Do you? no, I didn't think so, now get of my face. I'll see you in the ring.

*Leroy Brown, backs off, laugh's at Hardy and walks out of the locker-room*

BP: Leroy Brown is right Charlie, It is his home town so he deserves to be here. I think he will defeat Jeff Hardy.

CS: Are you serious? No-one deserves to be here more than anyone else! You have to earn your spot. Jeff Hardy has a good a chance as anyone to be FWO Champion.

BP: That is your opinion but I think Leroy Brown will be too much for Hardy tonight. Lets get on with our next match.

Joe Henning vs The Pope

Match Ending. A technical encounter with both Henning and The Pope out-manovering each other. neither take advantage for a decent amount out time. The Pope Irish Whips Henning into the Corner. He pulls down his kneepads to his shins and pats his knees - which signals his signature move, The Donation (Running toward his opponent, jumps and puts one foot on the middle rope while he knees his opponent in the face with the other). He runs towards Henning. Henning puts up his foot and catches Pope in the face. Henning picks up The Pope from the mat and sets up for The Perfect Plex. The Pope blocks it and counters it with a small package roll up. 1-2-3. Winner: The Pope

CS: A great wrestling match between those two. A great advert for the FWO

BP: I can't argue with you on that Charlie. A smart move from The Pope to pick up the victory. Henning lucks disappointed.

*Backstage in Ted Dibiase's Office. He is on the phone*

TD: "what do you mean he's not happy with the offer?.........How much more?............Thats ridiculous!...........Meet him half way...........I don't care about that, he can have it at the PPV after Blast Off!........Just get it done Bernie, that’s what I pay you for!

*Ted Dibiase slams the phone down. MVP enters the office*

MVP: Can I have a word?

TD: Now's not a good time.

MVP: Of course not. It's never a good time, and if i'm honest, I'm getting sick of you ignoring me. you never return my calls! And now, I find out that i'm not involved in the tournement to compete for the FWO Title. I should of stayed in Japan. You promised opportunities.

TD: You will have opportunities. You just have to earn them. Remember, Your contract was up in Japan and they couldn't offer you the money I was. That's why you are here. Money!

*Knock on the door and Cornel Jones Enters the office*

CJ: Mr Dibiase, why am I not involved in the FWO Title tournement?

MVP: Hey, get back in line punk, I was here first. This is my time.

CJ: Your time? What have you done to deserve time? I've been here since day one. If I have to earn my shot thats fine - and if that includes beating your ass that is fine too!

TD: Gentlemen, back down. My tournement is final. You will both get a chance, but not just yet. Go out and show me what you can do in the ring. Then I'll make up my mind. Now get out!

Cornel Jones turns to walk out the room. MVP turns to Ted Dibiase and says to him "I'll show you!" and then runs at Cornel Jones. He grabs him and throws him into a glass cabinet in the corner of the room. Jones is left lying in a pile of shattered glass on the floor. MVP Looks down at him, then looks at Ted Dibiase again and says once more "I'll show you" before leaving the room.

BP: A very angry MVP making a point there but who was Ted Dibiase on the phone to?

CS: I'm not sure Brad but I can't wait to find out. I expect Cornel Jones to seek revenge though. UP next is our main event.

FWO Title Qualifying match: Jeff Hardy v Leroy Brown
Match Ending. Not the most technical match ever seen but it's all about qualifying to the next round and for a chance at the FWO Title. Brown is using his size and power advantage on Hardy, Going to work on his mid-section. Punch after punch. Brown kicks up Hardy and slams him onto his knee. Hardy rolls around in pain. Brown goes for the cover and only gets a 2 count. Brown is getting fustrated and turns to argue with the referee. Hardy struggles to his feet. Brown turns back to him. Hardy uses his speed and kicks Brown to the mid-section causing him to crouch down. Hardy quickly hits the Twist of Fate. He rushes over to the corner and climbs the turn buckle and hits Brown with the Swanton Bomb. 1-2-3. Winner Jeff Hardy.

BP: A tremendous victory for Jeff Hardy. He'll go on to face Samoa Joe in the next round. Join us next Week on FWO.com for FWO Wild Wednesday.

*Show ends with Jeff Hardy celebrating in the ring.*
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 9:10 pm

Tweet from Bernie Smith

Quote :
@bernieFWOlawyer: Just putting the final touches to a contract for a new signing for the FWO. Huge Superstar will be joining very soon.
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyMon Oct 01, 2012 9:12 pm

Quote from Wrestling Observer

Quote :
Rumours are rife on the IWC regarding who is going to join The FWO. Word has it that Randy Orton could be the guy to jump ship as he wasn't happy with his 60 day suspension mid 2012. Orton believes it was medicine perscribed by a WWE doctor that caused him to fail the welliness policy.

Source: WWE Insider
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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PostSubject: Re: FWO Reborn   FWO Reborn EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 7:25 pm

FWO: Wild Wednesday – 03-10-12

Bradley Pringle (BP): Good evening everyone and welcome to FWO: Wild Wednesday. Thank you for joining us on FWO.Com.

Charlie Speed (CS): A fantastic week last week Bradley, we saw Jeff Hardy advance to the semi-finals of the FWO World Title tournament by defeating Leroy Brown. He will face Samoa Joe, who defeated Rey Mysterio. Hardy and Joe will square off next week.

BP: We find out tonight who else will advance to the Semi's. Our main event is The Middle Eastern Nightmare, Mohammed Hassan takes on Christian Cage, and the winner of that match will take on the winner of our next match. Let’s get it started.

*Eric Young is already in the ring. He's milking the applause and waving to the crowd. Ring announcer Phil Kruger begins to speak.

PK: "And his opponent....from Ayr Scotland, Drew McIntyre!

BP: WWWHHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!! Drew McIntyre! He’s the latest gut to join the FWO! What a signing by Ted Dibiase and Bernie Smith!

CS: I can't believe it. This can only be a good thing.

Match Ending: Drew McIntyre is dominating Eric Young, but he is showing off and mocking the crowd while he dominates. Irish whip hard to the corner followed by a running close line leaves Young a heap on the mat. Young gets to his feet, struggling to stand. McIntyre grabs his face and starts shouting at him. Eric young knocks down Drew's arm and slaps Drew across the face. McIntyre stumbles back then angrily charges at Eric Young. Young counters with drop kick to the knee. While Drew's on his knees Young quickly hooks McIntyre’s arms and plants a double arm DDT. Goes for the cover. 1-2-3. Winner: Eric Young.

*Eric Young quickly gets out of the ring and begins to celebrate in the aisle. Drew McIntyre is in shock in the ring.*

CS: WOW! What a victory for Eric Young. He was dominated throughout the match but a quick finish got the job done.

BP: A cheap shot with a slap across the face. Drew McIntyre wasn't ready for that. He came here to wrestle, not to be assaulted!

CS: I don't believe you Bradley, how can you say that! Drew had numerous chances to finish off Eric Young but he was too busy showing off to the crowd.

BP: He was making an impression Charlie. It was his debut. It was his time. Now to lose to a slap to the face is ridiculous.

CS: Impression or not, he lost. Eric Young advances to the Semi Finals next week and still has a chance to win the FWO Title. We can now go backstage. Big Bob Summer is waiting with Renee Dupree. Big Bob, over to you.

BBS: Thanks guys, I’m here with Renee Dupree. Renee, last week, you attacked Rey Mysterio again, costing him a shot at the FWO Title. This is the second time you have done this. Why did you do it?

RD (in a French accent): Bobbie, my intensions were the same as last time. Rey Mysterio has been around the business long enough and in that time he has had his chances. The FWO is all about the future. I am the future. Rey Mysterio is the past.

BBS: But Renee, surely Rey being here gives us more publicity as he is a household name. People will tune in to see him, and while doing so, they will see all the other talent in the FWO.

RD: Excuse me? Are you saying I’m not a house hold name? Of course I’m a house hold name. I've just been held back by the likes of Mysterio. Its time I start making myself noticed more. His part in the tournament should have been my place. I am the future of the FWO. I deserve to be FWO champion.

*Ted Dibiase walks into shot, talking on his phone*

TD: OK Bernie, I’ll look over it when I see you. I gotta go.

*He stares at Renee Dupree*

TD: Renee, Renee, Renee. You like to get involved in other people's business, so I’m getting involved in your business. You think Rey Mysterio is stealing your spot; you can put a stop to that. In our first match signed for FWO: Blast Off, it will be Renee Dupree vs. Rey Mysterio. There you go, go and get your spotlight.

*Ted Dibiase walks out of shot. Renee Dupree chases after him. He can be heard shouting for Dibiase’s attention.

BBS: Huge announcement by 'The Million Dollar Man'. Our first match is official for FWO: Blast Off. Renee Dupree will face Rey Mysterio. Back to ringside.

CS: Thanks Bob, there you have it. Our 1st official match signed for FWO: Blast Off.

BP: And for the record, I agree with everything Renee Dupree said. Now don't say a word Charlie, I'm not in the mood for your rubbish at the moment. Let’s make another match for FWO: Blast Off. We have LAX taking on The Hart Legacy. The winners will take on Priceless for the FWO Tag Team Titles.

FWO Tag Team Title qualifying match: LAX vs. Hart Legacy.

Match Ending: We join the action with Homicide and Tyson Kidd in the ring. Homicide runs off the rope and connects with a flying clothes line. Goes for the cover. Only a 2 count. He picks up Kidd and takes him over to the corner and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez hits Kidd with a shoulder tackle as he flies over the top rope into the ring. His power knocked Tyson Kidd flying across the ring; so far in fact he falls near the corner. DH Smith reaches and tags himself in. The two big men go at it. Fist flying everywhere. Smith pushes Hernandez to the ropes. Smith then runs at Hernandez hits a clothes line. Homicide tags himself in without Hernandez knowing. Both Smith and Hernandez go to the outside. The referee is counting Smith out. Homicide is in the ring. Tyson Kidd blind sides him and hits Homicide across the back of the head with an inzigury. Homicide is out. Kidd runs and climbs onto the top turn buckle and missile drop kicks Hernandez. Smith climbs back into the ring just before the 10 count. He see's Homicide getting to his feet. Smith picks him up for a power bomb. Out of no-where, Kidd is again on the top rope and hits Homicide with a clothes line. Smith goes for the pin. 1-2-3. Winners: The Hart Legacy.

CS: What a match we have just seen. The Hart Legacy with a great victory will compete at FWO: Blast Off for the FWO Tag Team Titles.

BP: A good victory but they still have to get past Priceless if they want to get the gold around their waist. It will be a good match at FWO: Blast Off

CS: I'm sure it will. Big Bob Summer is backstage with an excited Eric Young.

BBS: Thanks Charlie. Eric, what are your thoughts on advancing to the Semi Finals and still in with a chance of winning the FWO World Title?

EY: It's great Big Bob. It was probably the biggest game of my career. I'm so excited.

*Drew McIntyre is heard in the background shouting for Eric Young.

EY: I've gotta get out of here Bog Bob. I think I've upset Drew. I doubt we'll be friends.

*Eric Young runs out of shot. A few seconds later Drew comes into shot.

DM: Have you seen Eric Young?

*Bob Summer looks in the direction of where Eric Young ran and nervously tells Drew McIntyre "no".

DM: Get out of my way

*Drew shoves Bob Summer out of the way and walks out of shot in the direction of Eric Young. Back out to ringside*

CS: Drew McIntyre is not happy. I think he think he's been embarrassed by Eric Young.

BP: Well he has. A slap across the face is disrespectful. I hope Ted Dibiase does something about it. Over to Phil Kruger for our next match.

Husky Harris vs. Jimmy Flame

Match Ending: Husky Harris can't deal with the pace of Jimmy Flame, but he catches Flame jumping of the top rope. Harris slams Jimmy Flame hard to the mat. Harris runs of the rope and drops a running Swanton Bomb onto Jimmy Flame. Cover. 1-2-3. Winner. Husky Harris.

BP: A short match. It shows the power of Husky Harris. Two offensive moves and it’s over.

CS: Jimmy Flame will come back after that, it won’t dent his confidence. Husky Harris is a Powerful man.

BP: Can I just stop you there Charlie, I’m hearing there is something going on back stage.

*Back stage MVP is seen beating Cornel Jones with a lead pipe. Jones nursing bruises from the smashed glass last week is on the floor trying to fend of MVP. Cornel Jones kicks back MVP and gets to his feet. He finds a steal chair, and hits MVP over the back. MVP goes to his knees. Security come and pulls Cornel Jones off MVP. Jones is shouting at MVP as he is dragged away.

CS: A bit of payback from Cornel Jones perhaps. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of those to going at it.

BP: Those two guys defiantly don't like each other. Well it's now time for our main event. Who will face Eric Young next week in the Semi-Finals for a chance at the FWO Title? Over to Phil Kruger for the introductions.

FWO Title Qualifying Match: Christian Cage vs. Mohammed Hassan

Match Ending: Christian Cage has had numerous near falls on Hassan. He has hit offensive move after offensive move with no avail. Mohammed Hassan catches Cage with a knee to the mid-section which slows him down, giving Hassan a chance to catch his breath. Cage walks over to Hassan and Hassan rakes his eyes. Hassan takes Cage and picks him up for a back breaker. Christian Cages is in obvious pain. Mohammed Hassan puts Christian Cage into the Camel Clutch. Christian is trying to escape but is struggling. Christian Cage taps out. Winner via submission. Mohammed Hassan.

BP: A great win for Mohammed Hassan. He's my pick to win the FWO World Title.

CS: It was a good win but he's got to be careful here because he could get disqualified.

*Mohammed Hassan refuses to realize the Camel Clutch. The Bell is ringing for him to let go. The referee is talking to Phil Kruger.*

PK: I have just been informed by referee Dennis Fisher that is Mohammed Hassan doesn't realize the hold by the count of 5, he will be disqualified and Christian Cage will advance to the Semi-Finals

* The referee is in the ring counting. Mohammed Hassan is looking at Dennis Fisher counting and laughing at the same time. 1-2-3-4...Hassan releases the hold on 4. He walks around the ring with his hands in the air laughing at the crowd.*

CS: What a lucky man he is Bradley. He could have easily been disqualified.

BP: Are you serious? He knew what he was doing. He was watching the referee. He was always going to realize after the count of 4. He's not stupid, unlike you.

CS: That’s all for this week Ladies and Gentlemen. Thanks for joining us and come back next week and watch FWO: Wild Wednesday only on FWO.com.

*Show ends with Mohammed Hassan walking around the ring laughing and smiling at the crowd as the crowd boos him loudly.
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Most decorated Champion in history

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Tweet from Ted Dibiase

Quote :
@TheMillionDollarMan: Following backstage assaults between Cornel Jones and MVP, I'm officially announcing that the two men will face each other at FWO: Blast Off
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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FWO: Wild Wednesday - 10-10-12

Bradley Pringle (BP): Good Evening everyone. This is FWO Wild Wednesday and what a week of action we have for you this week.

Charlie Speed (CS): Tonight we have Eric Young taking on Mohammed Hassan. The winner will go on to FWO: Blast Off to compete for the FWO World Title.

BP: And the winner of that match will be having the title match against the winner of our other Semi Final match between Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy.. That is our Main Event tonight.

CS: Regarding FWO: Blast Off, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase tweeted at the weekend that MVP will face Cornel Jones at the PPV.

BP: Also, later in the show we will show an exclusive sit down interview I had with Mohammed Hassan a week before The FWO started. It is a very interesting interviews today the least.

CS: I'm looking forward to that Bradley

*Ted Dibiase's music sounds around the arena and he comes to the ring.

TD: Good evening ladies and Gentleman. I won't want to take up too much of your time but I have an announcement to make regarding FWO: Blast off and the Chicago Title. Much focus has gone on The FWO World Title and we already have our FWO Tag Team Title match signed for the PPV, now I want to focus a little on the Chicago Title. Next week here in The Circus, we are going to have a 10-man Battle Royal. The final two men left standing will go on the FWO: Blast Off and will face each other. The winner of that match will become the Chicago Title. Now the 10 men who will be in the Battle Royal are: Joe Henning, Husky Harris, The Pope, John Morrison, Samurai, Jimmy Flame, Christian Cage, Homicide, Tarantula and Drew McIntyre. Good luck to all.

*Ted Dibiase's phone rings*

I'm in the ring I'll call you back......can't it wait?........OK, I’m on my way.

*Ted Dibiase leaves the ring and heads backstage.

CS: Another huge announcement by Mr. Dibiase. FWO: Blast Off is shaping up quite nicely.

BP: It is Charlie. The Battle Royal will be exciting next week but what I want to know is who is so important on the phone that he drops everything and attends to that bit of business?

CS: I don't know. I hope it’s another signing for The FWO. Let’s go to Ring announcer Phil Kruger for our opening match.

Samurai vs. Renee Dupree

Match Ending: Samurai stands Renee Dupree up on the top rope and goes up top himself, he hooks his head and hits him with an excellently executed Suplex and goes for the pin, 12------kick out, Samurai goes old school in nailing Dupree with a Paylay and then going to the top rope and dropping and elbow from up top, Samurai is setting Dupree up for Spear he runs full speed and launches himself at Dupree who leapfrogs him and sends Samurai crashing through the ropes and into the ring-post, Dupree nails him with a series of Strikes to the back, Dupree then goes up top and hits a flying cross body for a near pin, he sets Samurai up for a slingshot then jumps up to hit him with a bulldog as Samurai is startled after hitting his head on the ring post, Dupree gets Samurai up for the ‘French Kiss’ but a few elbows from Samurai gets him out of it, Samurai then swings a big right hand and Dupree ducks out of it before locking in the rear naked choke hold and it looks like he has got Samurai ready to tap, at that moment in time Rey Mysterio rushes to the ring and jumps up on the ring apron, being sure not to actually interfere in the match, Renee Dupree lets go of Samurai and attempts to attack Rey who backs off enticing him to follow him, Dupree is on the outside of the apron, he regains his focus and sees Samurai slowly getting to his feet, Dupree jumps up on the ropes to hit the clothesline to Samurai but as he leaps from out of nowhere Samurai hits The Slice (pretty much a RKO), Samurai lands the slice from nowhere, 1-2-3

Winner: Samauri

CS: That’s what the FWO is all about!

BP: Rey Mysterio interfering? FWO is not about that at all!

CS: It was a great match and Mysterio didn’t get involved Brad…

BP: Be quiet, you haven’t a clue! Up next is my interview with Mohammed Hassan - the man, not the TV Character. This interview was done before our first show and before he knew about his involvement in the FWO Title Tournament.

*Camera goes to an empty arena with Bradley Pringle and Mohammed Hassan sitting in the ring*

BP: Mohammed Hassan, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time. Firstly, what is it like for you here in the FWO?

MH: Bradley, it is strange to be back in a wrestling company again after such a long time out. Last year Ted Dibiase came to my home to see me to see if I thought about wrestling again. I wasn't sure. As it is well documented, my wrestling career ended due to no fault of my own. I can understand the reasons behind why the WWE let me go, of course I do but I hadn't shown my ability in the ring.

BP: A matter of the wrong place at the wrong time?

MH: Yes, certainly. But after I had left, I was getting attacked in the street. I was scared to leave my home. The guy you seen on TV was a character. It was not me. It wasn't nice at all.

BP: Did that put you off wrestling all together?

MH: Yeah. I had no interest in it what so ever.

BP: Tell me what happened when Ted Dibiase approached you regarding The FWO.

MH: I kept in touch with a few of the ring crew in WWE, but on a personal level, nothing to do with wrestling. Ted Dibiase found this out somehow and got my number off one of them. He called me up and told me about his idea of The FWO and asked if I was interested. At that point I wasn't. A few days past and he called me up to say he was in town and if I wanted to meet up.

BP: What happened?

MH: We met up and he went into more detail about his idea. He told me about who was joining. I knew most of the names before they were revealed to other FWO members. He said that if I joined he wanted me to be the same character I was in the WWE. I told him I wasn't sure. If I came back into wrestling, I wanted to do something different.

BP: What did you have in mind?

MH: That’s the thing; I had no idea because I hadn't thought about wrestling until Mr. Dibiase called my out of the blue. Mr. Dibiase went on and told me the reasons behind why he wanted me to be the same character as before. He said he'd leave it with me and to call him if I changed my mind about wrestling.

BP: I assume you called him.

MH: About a week later I called him. He told me that He'd give me a shot at the FWO title but he hadn't decided who would wear the belt. I flew to Chicago to sign a contract.

BP: I was extremely excited that you signed to join the FWO. It was week 3 of Wild Wednesday where you made your debut against Eric Young That was the last time we seen you in the ring and you had won your match and you were getting bottles, burgers and everything else but the kitchen sink thrown at you in the ring. I had to get out of there sharpish. Then The Circus burned down. What were your thoughts when that happened?

MH: Well firstly that night in the ring it felt great. Mr. Dibiase told me to go out and play to the crowd and that’s exactly what I did. He wanted me to get heat, and I did. I was going to the PPV and I was in the title match. Then I heard that The Circus had burned down. I was shocked. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wrestle anywhere else so I went back to teaching.

BP: Mr. Dibiase called you again a few month back saying he was going to give The FWO another go. What were your thoughts about that?

MH: I was excited for him as it is what he wanted to do and I was honored that he remembered mean asked me to be a part of it. I didn’t have to think about it this time. I said I'd join straight away.

BP: And here you are. FWO starts next week on FWO.Com. Do you know if you are involved and who your first opponent will be? Do you know what role you’ll play?

MH: I don't know if I’m involved in the first show. Mr. Dibiase hasn't mentioned anything regarding the show. The only thing he has said to me is to be the character I was in WWE - the most hated man on the roster. That’s what I will do. This is the only interview you will get out of me, Mohammed Hassan, the man. I will be in character from this point on. So don't ask me any more questions or you will regret it.

*interview ends and we go back to ringside with Charlie Speed and Bradley Pringle.*

BP: A very interesting conversation with Mohammed Hassan there Charlie. I don't think we'll ever see that side of him again. I got the impression he is a private man and wants to keep it that way.

CS: I think he showed us last week that he wanted to be the most hated man on the roster with what he done to Christian Cage.

BP: Indeed he did. Now let’s get ready for our next match.

MNM vs. Scorpio and Tarantula.

Match Ending: Scorpio and Morrison are in the ring. Scorpio has the advantage, wearing down Morrison with a sleeper hold. Morrison makes it to the ropes so Scorpio has to break the hold. Scorpio breaks and as he does, Morrison throws an elbow and catches Scorpio on the jaw. Tarantula comes into the ring to try to get his hands on Morrison. The referee stops him and struggles to get Tarantula out of the ring. While this is going on Mercury enters the ring. They double team Scorpio. Tarantula still trying to get past referee Cory Jacobs. MNM throw Scorpio off the ropes. Morrison jumps to the floor. As Scorpio jumps over him Joey Mercury catches him with a Super Kick and quickly gets out of the ring. The referee has got Tarantula out of the ring and turns his attention to the action. John Morrison drags Scorpio over to the corner. He hits the Split legged moonsault on Scorpio and goes for the cover. Mercury sees Tarantula coming in the ring and quickly stops him interrupting the count. 1-2-3. Winners: MNM

BP: MNM pick up the victory against Tarantula and Scorpio.

BP: That’s the second time Tarantula has done that. We can now go back stage where Big Bob Summer is standing by with The Hart Legacy.

BBS: Thank Brad. I’m here with DH Smith and Tyson Kidd, The Hart Legacy. Gentlemen, what are your thoughts on facing Priceless for the FWO Tag Team Titles at FWO: Blast Off?

TS: Well Bob, it’s a great opportunity for us to become the first ever FWO Tag Team Champions. That is our goal. Priceless will be tough opponents but I’m positive we can come out on top.

DHS: Tag Team in our family we have had great Tag Teams, from my dad Davey Boy Smith with The British Bulldogs and Bret and The Anvil, The Hart Foundation. I want to continue that tradition and become part of a great team too.

*Priceless come into shot*

TD: That’s why you’re here, to become a great team like your father was? That’s pathetic. Your father was a waster, unlike my father. Look what he’s done. He’s built his own company – which you two should be thanking him for the opportunity. Your career was going nowhere. My father has saved your career. What did your father ever do? That’s right, nothing!

*DH Smith attacked Ted Dibiase Jnr. Cody Rhodes and Tyson Kidd jump in. All four of them are brawling back stage. Security breaks them up after a short while. Camera’s go back to ringside.

CS: Ted Dibiase getting a little personal on DH Smith there Brad. Tensions are running high. That should be one helluva match at FWO: Blast Off

BP: I like that from Dibiase. Priceless may just have the upper hand now they are in Hart Legacy’s head. Up next we have our first Semi Final match for the FWO World Title.

FWO World Title Semi-Final Match: Eric Young vs. Mohammed Hassan.

Before the match officially starts, Mohammed Hassan attacks Eric Young. Vicious punches to the mid-section and kidney area. He throws Eric Young over the top rope. Hassan follows him, bear hugs him and rams Young’s back into the ring post. Eric is lying on the floor in terrible pain. Hassan gets back into the ring to a Corus of boo’s. Referee Cory Jacobs calls for EMT’s. Eric Young is seen shaking his head. EMT’s reach Young. He pushes them away and struggles back into the ring. He orders the referee to ring the bell. Cory Jacobs argues with Eric Young but Eric Young gets to his feet and demands he rings the bell. The referee reluctantly rings the bell.

Match Ending: This contest lasts under a minute. Eric Young is in the corner. Mohammed Hassan charges over and clothes lines him into the turnbuckle. Young falls to the floor. Hassan picks him up and delivers a back breaker. Hassan is standing over Eric Young. He sets up for the Camel Clutch and locks it in position. Eric Young Immediately taps. The referee calls for the bell. Winner by Submission: Mohammed Hassan

*After the bell, Mohammed Hassan refuses to break the hold. He is laughing at the referee. Cory Jacobs starts the count. Hassan breaks on the 4 count. Still laughing, he holds his hands in the air and walks around the ring.

CS: That’s 2 weeks in a row he has refused to break the hold after a match. What is this guy’s problem?!

BP: He is sending out a statement. I told you, he’s my pick to become FWO Champion.

CS: Are you condoning his actions Brad? Seriously? He attacks a guy before the match and continues after the match has finished!

BP: Don’t start with me. It was Eric Young demanded that Cory Jacobs rang the bell. He could have fought another day but no, he wanted the glory. Well he failed. He lost.

CS: I can’t believe you just said that!

*EMT’s assist Eric Young backstage, where a few of the guys involved in next week’s Battle Royal are arguing. Husky Harris is seen pushing Jimmy Flame and Homicide. Drew McIntyre has Joe Henning up against the wall and The Pope and Samurai are nose to nose. Ted Dibiase’s lawyer Bernie Smith walks into view.

BS: I have just been informed by Ted Dibiase that if any of you lays a finger on anyone you will immediately be out of next week’s Battle Royal, Now break it up and go your separate ways.

*Bernie Smith walks out of shot. The competitors back off one another but continue to shout and argue with one another. Back to ringside.*

CS: Tempers are at boiling point Brad. I like what Ted Dibiase has done there. Anyone touching someone won’t be allowed in the Battle Royal.

BP: Wise move. Mr. Dibiase doesn’t want his big match next week ruined.

CS: Speaking of big matches, let’s see who will face Mohammed Hassan at FWO: Blast Off for the FWO World Title. Over to Phil Kruger.

FWO World Title Semi Final: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Match Ending A back and forth match where no-one takes full advantage. Jeff Hardy using his speed to dodge Joe’s power moves until he is caught coming off the rope with a sidewalk slam. Joe quickly goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Joe throws Hardy to the corner and follows up with a running knee. Hardy is dazed. Joe picks him up and sets him up for the knuckle buster. Hardy blocks it with a sun set flip power bomb. 1-2, Samoa Joe kicks out. Both men back to their feet trading punches. Hardy swings wildly. Joe ducks. Hardy end up with his back to Joe. Joe lifts Hardy up for an atomic drop. Hardy blocks it and hits him with a Bulldog. Lightening quick, Hardy goes over to the corner and jumps onto the top rope and goes for the Swanton Bomb. He hits it. 1-2-3. Winner: Jeff Hardy.

CS: Jeff Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy wins. What an incredible match.

BP: Watch a match indeed. Jeff Hardy advances to FWO: Blast Off where he will face Mohammed Hassan for The FWO World Title. Join us next week for the official contract signing! Good night everyone!

*Mohammed Hassan comes out and stands and under the titan tron. He starts laughing and clapping his hands. Hardy is on the middle rope looking back. Show ends with both men staring at one-another.
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Most decorated Champion in history

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FWO Wild Wednesday - 17-10-12

Bradley Pringle (BP): Good evening everyone, this is FWO Wild Wednesday and we are four days away from our first PPV, FWO: Blast Off. Things are really hotting up. Tonight we have the official contract signing between Jeff Hardy and Mohammed Hassan for the FWO World Title.

Charlie Speed (CS): That will be interesting. But we open our show with the Battle Royal, where the last two men in the ring will go on to face each other at FWO: Blast Off for the Chicago Title. Let’s send it up to ring announcer Phil Kruger.

10 man Battle Royal: Joe Henning vs. Husky Harris vs. John Morrison vs. Samurai vs. Jimmy Flame vs. Christian vs. Homicide vs. Tarantula vs. Drew McIntyre vs. The Pope

Match Ending: Husky Harris is dominating throughout. He eliminates Tarantula, Homicide and John Morrison. He is gloating to the crowd when from behind, Samurai drop kick Harris in the back sending him over the top rope. Husky Harris is furious. Christian and Drew McIntyre grappling on the ropes. Joe Henning grabs both their legs and eliminated both guys in one go. We are down to the final four. Joe Henning, Jimmy Flame, The Pope and Samurai. They pair off. The Pope with Jimmy Flame and Joe Henning with Samurai. Samurai is a risk taker. His high flying moves get him in trouble when he attempts a hurrican-runna to Henning. Henning holds the legs and throws Samurai over the top rope, using Samurai’s momentum, eliminating him. Henning recovers in the corner to catch a breather. Moments later Jimmy Flame has The Pope dazed against the ropes. Flame back off a little and starts to run at The Pope. Pope ducks down and pulls the top rope with him, sending Jimmy Flame over and crashing to the floor. The bell rings. Last two men standing are Joe Henning and The Pope.

CS: Joe Henning will face The Pope at FWO: Blast Off for the Chicago Title. That should be a cracker Brad.

BP: It should be Charlie. I'd give The Pope the slight advantage though; The Pope holds a victory over Henning already.

CS: Oh yeah, I forgot about that but this is for the title.

BP: Sorry to interrupt Charlie but I'm hearing there is a bit of a commotion backstage.

*The next scene is backstage where Cornel Jones is attacking MVP with a metal chain wrapped around his hand. MVP desperately trying to defending himself. Security rushes in and holds back Cornel Jones. Ted Dibiase comes into shot.

TD: Right you two, I’m sick of you running around here attacking each other week in, week out. I already made the match for Blast Off and you couldn't just leave it. I'm now making it a 'No Holds Barred' match and I hope the two of you beat the living hell out of each other. Now get out of my sight!

*Security leads MVP and Cornel Jones away in separate directions. Back to ringside.

BP: Ted Dibiase isn't happy Charlie, but I think it’s a good move.

CS: Two men that clearly don't like each other so I say let them go at it. Let’s get on with our next match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Leroy Brown.

Match Ending. Leroy Brown has Rey Mysterio in a bear hug. Mysterio has his arms free so he begins to him Brown. Leroy Brown is still holding on. Mysterio uses both hands and slaps both sides of Brown's face. Leroy Brown releases the hold and stumbles back, as does Rey. Brown charges at Mysterio but he counters it by tripping him up. Leroy Brown falls into the ropes. Rey signals for the 619 and goes for it. He connects. Brown falls back onto the mat. Rey quickly jumps onto the top rope and springboards off and hits Leroy Brown with the splash. 1-2-3. Winner: Rey Mysterio.

CS: That was a good win for Rey Mysterio. It will set him up nicely for his match with Renee Dupree at FWO: Blast Off.

BP: A confident boost as well Charlie. I'm looking forward to that match. Rey Mysterio will want revenge but I think Renee Dupree will be too much for him...

*Samoa Joe's music sounds around the arena and he makes his way to the ring.

SJ: Last week was an off week for me. I slipped and Hardy caught me off balance. That won't happen again. So now I don't have a match at FWO: Blast Off on Sunday. I'm one of the biggest stars on the roster so I should be on the card, so here it is. I'm issuing an open challenge for FWO: Blast Off. I will take one any superstar and I promise I will come out victorious. I am the most dominant guy in the FWO and I will prove it this Sunday if anyone has the guts. Then after Sunday, I will make my way through The FWO roster and will eventually become FWO Champion.

BP: Samoa Joe has just issued an open challenge for any superstar this Sunday Charlie. Who will step up and take him on?

CS: I'm not sure Bradley but I don't envy anyone who is considering it. Joe has been in a terrible mood all week since his loss last week.

BP: We'll find out this Sunday. Our next match has just been announced off the heels of last week. Priceless take on The Hart Legacy at FWO: Blast Off for the FWO Titles, but last week, it seemed like Ted Dibiase Jnr hit a nerve with DH Smith. Smith has challenged Dibiase Jnr in a singles match. Let’s go to Phil Kruger for the announcements.

DH Smith vs. Ted Dibiase Jnr

Match Ending: DH Smith is very angry and is throwing punches at Dibiase Jnr. Dibiase Jnr is doing a good job defending himself but Smith won't give him. He's intent on punishing Dibiase Jnr rather than go for the win. That was his mistake. Smith swings Dibiase Jnr off the rope and ducks his head. Dibiase Jnr puts on the brakes and gives Smith a boot to the face. Smith stumbles back. Dibiase runs at him and clothes lines him over the top rope. He follows him outside. The two begin to throw punches back and forth while the referee counts. Both guys ignore the count and the referee reaches the 10 count. Result: Double count out.
Cody Rhodes runs to the ring and Priceless begin to beat down DH Smith. Tyson Kidd now rushes to the ring to make the save. Priceless retreat back up the aisle. Tyson Kidd is seeing to DH Smith.

BP: A lot of emotion in that one Charlie. DH Smith wasn't interested in a wrestling match; he just wanted to punish Ted Dibiase Jnr.

CS: Can you blame him Brad? Did you hear him last week, bad mouthing his family's name? Smith had to retaliate.

BP: Ok, Ok. The official result was a double count out.

*Phil Kruger is in the ring.

PH: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the founder of The FWO, 'The Million Dollar Man', Ted Dibiase.

Ted Dibiase's music sounds around the arena. Dibiase starts to walk down to the ring with his lawyer Bernie Smith. Smith has a contract in his hand. Security is putting a table and 3 chairs in the ring.

TD: We are 4 days away from FWO: Blast Off and it is going to be a great PPV. Rey Mysterio will take on Renee Dupree. MVP faces Cornel Jones in a 'No Holds Barred' Match and we've had Samoa Joe came out and issue an open challenge. Then we have 3 titles to be won. The Hart Legacy will square off with Priceless for the Tag Team Titles. We also have The Chicago Title up for grabs when Joe Henning takes on The Pope. And of course, we have the big one. Jeff Hardy vs. Mohammed Hassan for the FWO World Title. I want to bring both guys out to the ring for the official contract signing.

*Mohammed Hassan's music sounds and he walks to the ring, with his hands in the air laughing at the crowd. The crowd boos very loud. When he's in the ring Jeff Hardy's music sounds around the arena. The crowd goes wild and cheer like crazy. Both men are in the ring and are sitting in at opposite ends of the table. Bernie Smith is at the head of the table with a microphone in his hand.

BS: Right gentlemen, in my hand is the contract you have both read and agreed to. It's now time to sign. Mohammed, you sign first.

*Mohammed continues to stare at Jeff Hardy. He takes the contract off Bernie Smith, goes to the back page and signs it quickly. He picks it up and throws it at Hardy. Hardy doesn't look happy with that. He also signs it and hands it back to Bernie Smith.

TD: There you have it ladies and Gentlemen. It's official. Mohammed Hassan will take on Jeff Hardy for The FWO Title on Sunday.

*Both men stand up and continue to stare at one another. They are giving each other verbal but we can’t hear what is being said. Ted Dibiase gets closer to the two to separate them. Mohammed Hassan takes a step back, then spits in the face of Jeff Hardy before running out of the ring. Bernie Smith and Ted Dibiase are holding back Jeff Hardy who is Irate. Mohammed Hassan walks around the ring and back up the aisle, laughing at Jeff Hardy.

CS: What has just happened? Why did he do that?!

BP: Jeff Hardy is furious. I can’t wait for Sunday even more now. See you all at FWO: Blast Off. Good night everyone.

*The Show ends with Jeff Hardy in the ring looking down the aisle at Mohammed Hassan
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Most decorated Champion in history
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Extract from Chicago News Online

Quote :
"Rumours continue to build regarding the newest member to the FWO roster. It has been reported that Randy Orton has been seen in Chicago airport. We reported a few weeks ago that Randy Orton was furious with the WWE for suspending him for 60 days when he was their biggest star on the SmackDown! brand. FWO personnel refuse to comment at this time but it is understood that is has been Orton who has been on to the FWO founder and his lawyer Bernie Smith negotiating certain things. We’ll keep you informed of all developments.”
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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FWO: BLAST OFF (21/10/12)

Bradley Pringle (BP): Good evening everyone and welcome to FWO's first PPV. Welcome to FWO: Blast Off!

Charlie Speed (CS): We’ve made it Bradley, our first PPV, I can’t wait. What a line up we have tonight!

BP: Indeed we have. Before I mention the title matches, we have Cornel Jones taking on MVP in a 'No Holds Barred' Match. We also have Rey Mysterio facing Renee Dupree.

CS: Don't forget Samoa Joe Brad, he has issued an open challenge to any superstar to face him tonight!

BP: I wonder who will step up to the challenge. This evening we will have our first ever champions here in the FWO. We have The Hart Legacy taking on Priceless for the FWO Tag Team Titles along with the Pope taking on Joe Henning for The Chicago Title.

CS: And we have the big one in our main event. Jeff Hardy will square off against 'The Middle Eastern Nightmare' Mohammed Hassan.

BP: This is going to be one hell of a night. Let’s get on with the show and find out who will become The Chicago Champion. Phil Kruger, over to you.

FWO Chicago Title Match: Joe Henning vs. the Pope.

Match Ending: The Pope has Joe Henning in a figure four leg lock. Joe is reaching for the ropes and has been getting closer for a few moments now. He eventually reaches them forcing Pope to release the hold. He quickly does, get to his feet and drags Henning to the centre of the ring. He tries to put on the figure four on again, but this time Henning scouts it and kicks him to the rope. The Pope also scouts this and runs to the rope and back and hits Henning with a drop kick. The Pope goes to the top rope and attempts an elbow drop. Henning just manage to get out of the way. Both men are on the mat. Referee Cory Jacobs starts the count. Both Henning and The Pope struggle to their feet and both start swinging punches at one another. The Pope starts to get the upper hand and begins to force Henning to the corner. The Pope goes for another punch only for Henning to duck this time. The Pope swings round, back now facing Henning. An Atomic drop by Henning followed by a clothes line. Joe Henning has the momentum now. The Pope just gets to his feet and is hit by a standing leg drop. Henning is now looking at the crowd and is calling for his signature move, ‘The Perfect Plex’. The Pope is back on his feet once more. Henning hooks him in position and hits ‘The Perfect Plex’. The Pope kicks out after a two count. Henning can’t believe it. He picks up Pope; set’s him up and hits ‘The Perfect Plex’ again. This time there is no kick-out. 1-2-3.

Phil Kruger (PK): The winner of the match, and new Chicago Champion: Joe Henning

*Joe is handed the Chicago Title by referee Cory Jacobs. Henning raises it above his head. He then goes to the corner and gets on the middle rope to celebrate. Husky Harris comes to the ring and hoists Joe Henning on his shoulders and joins in the celebrations.

CS: What an opening match and what a great advert for The FWO. Congratulations to the new Chicago Champion Joe Henning.

BP: Yes it was Charlie. The Pope was unlucky. A back and forth match which could of gone either way. If this is the standard that has been set for tonight this is going to be one hell of a PPV!

CS: I hope so. I’m pleased for Henning. Also, it’s good to have his friend Husky Harris with him celebrating.

BP: With the Chicago Title around his waist Charlie, he also has a target on his back. He’ll have to take on all comers.

CS: I’m sure Joe will be up for the challenge. We are now going to go back stage where Bob Summer is standing by. Big Bob, over to you.

BBS: Thanks Charlie. My guest at this time is none other than Jeff Hardy. Jeff, what are your thoughts on your up-coming match against Mohammed Hassan for the FWO Title?

JH: Well Bob, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get my hands on Mohammed Hassan after what he did to me last Wednesday. I want to make him pay and also become the first FWO World Champion.

BBS: I think Mohammed Hassan spat on you for a reason Jeff, I think he done it for a reaction, to get into your head. If he’s in your head then your focus won’t be fully on winning the title, and if that is the case, you will be giving the advantage to him.

JH: Don’t think for one second that I’m not fully focused on winning the FWO Title. This is what I’m here for. Hassan may have under estimated me. In the past, I let my emotions get the better of me. Not now. I’m focused on the job in hand.

BBS: That’s good to hear. What is your strategy going into tonight’s match?

JH: It’s real simple Big Bob. Win. I know Hassan has the power advantage. There is no denying that. I’ve seen what he done to Eric Young and Christian Cage. I’ll try and avoid his big back breaker. That is his power move which sets up the Camel Clutch. I haven’t seen much of Hassan because he hasn’t wrestled much in years but he’s in good shape. It will be tough but I’m certain I’ll come out victorious.

*Jeff Hardy shakes Bob Summer’s hand and walks towards the locker room. As the camera man watches him walk away Mohammed Hassan comes out of an open doorway, looking in Jeff Hardy’s direction and starts laughing.

CS: Jeff Hardy seems fired up for his World Title match Brad, but as he said, it will be a tough match.

BP: That’s right, it will be tough. And you can bet Mohammed Hassan is up for it too. Do you think Jeff saw him in the doorway just then?

CS: I don’t think so Brad; otherwise we would have had security breaking them up.

*The announce team is interrupted as Samoa Joes music sounds around The Circus and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.

SJ: 4 days ago at Wild Wednesday I issued an open challenge for any superstar to face me tonight. No surprise to me that no one has took me up on my challenge. I can understand why. You are all afraid. You are afraid that I will humiliate you. Jeff Hardy got lucky when he defeated me. It should be me competing in the main event. The FWO World Title should be mine. So for tonight, I want to prove to everyone that I have what it takes and that one day I will become the FWO World Champion.

*Just as Samoa Joe finishes the sentence, “SORRY, ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!” sounds around the arena then music plays. Samoa Joe is stood in the ring with his mouth open.

BP: Are you kidding me! That’s James Storm’s music! Surely it can’t be him!

*James Storm comes through the curtain, with a huge pop from the crowd. He stands under the titan tron and has a mic in his hand.

JS: Samoa Joe, your open challenge, I accept.

*Storm walks towards the ring, removing his hat and jacket on the way. Samoa Joe is furious. He is shouting at referee Dennis Fisher, kicking the ring ropes and banging his fist on the turn buckle.

CS: James Storm is in the FWO! That’s who Ted Dibiase has been on the phone to over the past few weeks! James Storm! I can’t believe he is here Bradley!

BP: Ok Charlie, calm down. I’m as excited as you are. He’s accepted Joe’s open challenge. Let’s get to the action.

Match Ending: Samoa Joe is clearly in shock about Storm’s appearance as he can’t put two offensive moves together. The Cowboy capitalizes on this. After only a few minutes after the beginning of the match, Samoa Joe is arguing with the referee with what he thought was a slow two count. Joe turns round towards James Storm only to be met by a Super Kick. He goes for the cover. 1-2-3
Winner: James Storm.

CS: I still can’t believe he is here Brad. An impressive win over Samoa Joe.

BP: Calm down will you. Storm had the advantage. Joe didn’t even know he was here. His open challenge was for any FWO superstar.

CS: No Brad, his exact words were “any superstar”. He did not once mention the FWO roster.

BP: Come on Charlie, even you aren’t that stupid. Everyone knows that Joe meant the FWO Roster.

*Samoa Joe is stood in front of the announce table. He is shouting at Charlie Speed. “Did you know about this? This is Bull shit. Since when did he become important enough to take my spotlight? He’ll pay for this!”

BP: Well Charlie, did you know about it?

CS: Don’t be silly Brad, of course not.

BP: Joe seems to think you did.

*Camera’s go to the parking lot. Lawyer Bernie Smith is waiting and he is on his phone.

BS: I’m in the parking lot now boss. He’s round the corner……yeah boss, I’ll make sure he signs the contract. I’ve put in everything in he’s wanted and you have read over it too so we all know where we stand....I’ve got to go, he's here"

*Just then a limo drives into the parking lot. Bernie Smith opens the limo door and has a huge smile on his face. He is heard saying "Glad you can make it. Now let’s get this signed quickly so there is nothing he can do about it" before getting into the limo.

CS: Who on earth is in the limo? I thought James Storm was the guy Ted Dibiase and Bernie Smith were trying to sign?

BP: So did I Charlie but it obviously not. Clearly there is another huge signing hopefully to be announced very soon by Mr. Dibiase. I can't wait to see who it is.

CS: Exciting times ahead I feel. Our next match will determine our tag team champions. Let’s go to Phil Kruger for the introductions.

FWO Tag Team Title Match: Priceless vs. the Hart Legacy

Match Ending: Tyson Kidd has had his arm worked on for several moments by both Ted Dibiase Jnr and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes holds out Kidd’s arm while Dibiase Jnr comes off the top rope with a double axe handle. Dibiase throws Kidd of the rope and he ducks his head to set up for a back drop. Kidd scouts this and puts on the breaks just in time to hook Dibiase Jnr into DDT. Both men are lying on the mat. They both crawl over to their respective corners and both make the tag. DH Smith and Cody Rhodes are the legal men and they are both throwing punches. Smith’s power advantage shows and has Rhodes on the ropes. Smith clothes lines Rhodes over the top rope. Smith follows. Dibiase Jnr goes to meet them Priceless are both brawling on the outside with DH Smith. Out of nowhere, Tyson Kidd suicide dives onto all of them. Kidd picks up Smith and throws him into the ring. Referee Cory Jacobs motions him back to his corner. While Kidd is going to the corner, Rhodes is on the apron. DH Smith sees him and sets him up for a Suplex into the ring. While Smith has Rhodes in the air, Dibiase Jnr hooks Smiths legs. Rhodes falls on top of him and covers him. Smith can’t move his legs as Dibiase Jnr is holding them. Tyson Kidd dives into the ring to make the save. 1-2-3. Kidd was too late.

Phil Kruger: The winner of the match, and New FWO Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase Jnr and Cody Rhodes, Priceless.

*After the pin fall, Cody Rhodes rolls out of the ring to be met by Ted Dibiase Jnr. They celebrate while walking up the aisle. The referee catches them up and hands them the Tag Team Titles. The Hart Legacy is in the ring looking furious at Priceless.

BP: Smart move by Ted Dibiase Jnr to help his team get the win. Another great title match we’ve just had.

CS: A smart move yes but if the referee saw it they wouldn’t be Tag Team champions.

BP: Charlie, it doesn’t matter how you win as long as you get the job done. Priceless just out-smarted The Hart Legacy. That’s what makes champions. You have to have brains as well. Clearly something that Kidd and Smith lack.

*Drew McIntyre’ music sounds around the arena. He makes his way to the ring.

BP: What a pleasant Charlie. I wonder what he has to say.

DW: Things are not going to well for me lately. Losing to that wee shite Eric Young has put me in a place I don’t like being. I admit it. I need help. I’m not going to be heard on the mic anymore. I’m going to concentrate on wrestling. I’ve hired a trainer, a voice, a coach. A man who will make me a future world champion. Here he is.

*Music sounds around the arena that no-one recognizes. The crowd look confused as who it could be. Then suddenly, from behind the curtain, comes Nigel McGuinness. He makes his way to the ring. The crowd goes wild.

CS: Nigel McGuinness in the FWO!

BP: Calm down Charlie. Obviously he’s in the FWO. I can see him. Let’s see what he has to say.

*McGuinness enters the ring, shakes Drew McIntyre’s hand and takes the mic.

NM: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen. For those who don’t know who I am my name is Nigel McGuinness, and as Drew said, I’m here to make him a champion. From now on, Drew will do all of his talking in the ring. Outside the ring all you will here is me. I don’t want you wankers bothering him. Anything you want to know you ask me. I will answer if I feel fit too. Drew McIntyre is without a doubt a talent and a force in the FWO. He will become the company’s biggest star with my help, mark my words. Now, I’m not going to waste any more time talking to all of you idiots. Drew and I have things to do. Ta Ta.

*McGuinness throws the mic over the top rope towards Phil Kruger. Then himself and Drew leave the ring and head to the backstage area. The crowds are booing loudly as they leave.

BP: A very confident speech from Nigel McGuinness. He can only be a good thing for Drew McIntyre. He means business.

CS: I was excited about his arrival to begin with but now I’m not so sure. I didn’t like how he spoke to the fans here in The Circus.

BP: Come on Charlie, McIntyre has hired McGuinness for a reason. Both men are not bothered about anyone else apart from themselves. They have work to do and a target to aim for. They won’t stop until they get it. Now let’s get on with the show.

CS: This is not going to be a wrestling match; this is going to be a fight.

Cornel Jones vs. Cornel Jones in a ‘No Holds Barred’ match.

Match Ending: This match has been an out and out fist fight. MVP has had Cornel Jones beat down with a steal chair, working on his lower back. Both men are on the outside. Cornel Jones put a boot up as MVP charges at him. Jones drills MVP’s head into the announce table. Jones picks up MVP and scoop slams MVP onto the floor. Jones goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He puts it into the ring and sets it up in the corner of the ring. MVP has climbed into the ring and charges at Jones. Cornel Jones turns around just in time to see this and hits him with a big boot. MVP is down and out on the mat. Cornel Jones looks at the crowd and throws his arm into a windmill motion which is a sign to set up for his signature move ‘The Punisher’ (A power Clothes Line). He picks up MVP. MVP is on his feet, but only just. Jones runs off the rope and hits him with ‘The Punisher’ that turns MVP inside out. Jones goes for the cover. 1-2-3.

Phil Kruger: Your winner of the Match. Cornel Jones

CS: Great win for Cornel Jones. Just what he needed…

BP: Wait a second Charlie; it doesn’t look like he’s finished…

Cornel Jones collects the table from the corner and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He picks up MVP and lays him on the table. Jones then goes to the top rope. He flies in the air and hits a leg drop across the chest of MVP, with both guys going through the table.

BP: Oh My GOD! He’s broke him in two! There was no call for that. The match was over. He had his revenge. I hope something is done about this.

CS: Cornel Jones was making a point. For weeks now MVP has attacked him from behind. Now Cornel Jones has his revenge.

BP: The match was over. MVP was helpless after taking that clothes line. I hope Cornel Jones is suspended and fined!

CS: Oh be quiet Brad. It would have been a different story if it was the other way round! Now, let’s go back stage with Bob Summer who is standing by with The Chicago Champion.

*Bob Summer and Joe Henning are waiting backstage. Husky Harris is standing behind the two.

BBS: Thanks Guys, that’s right, I’m here with the New Chicago Champion, Joe Henning. Joe, congratulations on becoming The Chicago Champion. How does it feel?

JH: It feels great Big Bob and it an honor to be holding this belt. I feel all of my hard work has paid off. Years of training, waiting for my chance. I have now grabbed it with both hands.

BBS: Now you have the gold, you will have a target on your back. Are you going to be a fighting champion?

JH: I will Bob. I look forward to all comers, and I will defend this title with…

*Husky Harris interrupts

HH: With my help. I’ll make sure that the Chicago title stays with us. I’ve got your back. Now, come on, let’s go celebrate.

*Husky Harris walks off-screen. Joe Henning looks confused and follows Harris out of shot.

CS: Joe Henning looks a little confused by Husky Harris’ comments. I’m sure he said the Chicago Title will stay with US? Joe Henning is the champion, not Husky Harris?

BP: Stop starting controversy Charlie. Husky Harris is clearly happy for his friend winning the title and is just letting him know he has his back!

CS: Did you not see the look on Henning’s face? He looks confused as Big Bob did. A little jealously from Husky Harris perhaps?

BP: OF COURSE NOT! You are now being ridiculous. He’s happy for his friend. That’s it. Now let’s go to Phil Kruger for our next match up.

Rey Mysterio vs. Renee Dupree.

Match Ending: Rey Mysterio runs off the rope and hits Renee Dupree with a spinning Hurricane runner. Dupree falls into the ropes. Mysterio motions to the crowd so signal for the 619. He runs for the ropes but Dupree quickly moves and rolls out of the ring. Dupree is showing off to the crowd, pointing to his head, insinuating that he is smart. Dupree turns to the ring and is met by a baseball slide. Dupree hits the floor. Mysterio quickly gets up and goes to the top rope. Dupree gets to his feet. Mysterio attempts the high cross body. Dupree side steps. Mysterio lands on his feet but lands awkwardly and is rolling around on the floor holding his knee. Dupree get into the ring and motions the referee to begin the count. Rey Mysterio gets back into the ring just before the 10 count. Dupree meets him and continually stomps Mysterio’s leg. Mysterio can’t stand. He pulls himself up using the rope. Dupree Chop Locks him and Mysterio hits the mat and once again rolls onto the floor outside the ring. Dupree is gloating in the ring while the referee is counting. This time, Rey Mysterio doesn’t make the 10 count.

Phil Kruger. You’re Winner via count out, Renee Dupree.

CS:Rey Mysterio is hurt. There was no way he was going to make it back into the ring. Renee Dupree took the easy way for the victory.

BP: Dupree found an opening and capitalized on it. One too many high risk manovers by Rey Mysterio and it cost him the match, and also a lengthy spell on the injured list. Dupree has his spotlight. Out with the old and in with the new. As Dupree said, He is the Future of the FWO.

*Ted Dibiase’s music sounds around The Circus and he makes his way to the ring.

TD: Good evening everyone. What a show we have had this evening. I want to congratulate Joe Henning and Priceless for becoming The Chicago Champion and FWO Tag Team Champions. I won’t want to take up too much of your time but I have a couple of announcements. Firstly, our next PPV will take place November 18th here at The Circus and live on FWO.com. The PPV will be called FWO: Edge of Glory. More on that this Wednesday. My other announcement is a huge one. For weeks now I and Bernie Smith have been negotiating a deal to bring in a top superstar. I’m pleased to announce that he has signed and he will be reviled this week on Wild Wednesday. He will no doubt put the FWO on the wrestling map. But as I said, more on that this Wednesday. But up next, we have our main event to determine who will be FWO Champion.

*Ted Dibiase’s music once again sounds around the arena as he heads towards the back stage area.

CS: Another huge signing made by Ted Dibiase. He said he will put The FWO on the wrestling map. I can’t wait for Wild Wednesday.

BP: Well we’ve all read the internet rumors but nothing is reviled as of yet. Tune into Wild Wednesday this week. Also, our next PPV name has been reviled. FWO: Edge of Glory is four weeks away.

CS: But now it’s time for our main event. Let’s go to Phil Kruger for the introductions.

FWO World Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Mohammed Hassan.

Match Ending: Hassan is focused and has countered every offensive move Hardy has attempted. Hassan is in the corner. Hardy charges at him to hit a big splash. Hassan moves out of the way and kicks him in the back. Hardy drops to his knees. Hassan begins to laugh loudly. The crowd boos back at him loudly. Hassan turns Hardy around and picks him up. He traps Hardy in the corner and drives his shoulder into Hardy’s mid-section. Hardy drops to the floor in pain, holding his lower back. Hassan picks him up and Irish whips Hardy to the opposite corner hard. Hardy winces still holding his lower back. Hassan charges at him and this time hits him with a big splash. He then picks Hardy up to and places him on the top turn buckle. Hassan follows him up to the top. Hardy begins to throw punches at Hassan. Hassan throws some back. They are going back and forth. Hardy is the quicker guy and catches Hassan with 3 in a row, causing Hassan to fall of the top rope hitting the mat. Hardy then stands on the turn buckle and goes for the Swanton Bomb. He connects and goes for the cover. 1-2-3.

Phil Kruger: Your winner of the match, and New FWO World Champion, Jeff Hardy.

CS: Hardy’s done it! Hardy wins! Hardy is the World Champion!

BP: What a contest that was. Hardy show’s what he’s made of, even with a hurt back, still taking risks to become the champion.

CS: That’s what the FWO is all about. A deserve…wait a minute! What’s he doing?! Get him off of him!

*Mohammed Hassan is furious and attacks Jeff Hardy from behind. Hardy is lying on the mat. Hassan goes outside for a steel chair, returns to the ring and hits him across the lower back. Hassan then pick up Hardy and sets up the Camel Clutch. Hassan is laughing at the crowd as security try to get him to realize the hold. After several moments he releases the hold. He gets out of the ring. While he is walking back up the aisle, he is laughing at the crowd and has his hands in the air. The crowd are going crazy and throwing popcorn and drinks at him. Hassan is now out of the arena. Referee Dennis Fisher and EMT’s help Jeff Hardy to his feet. Hardy is holding onto the rope. Fisher hands Hardy the World Title. Hardy holds it up in the air, still holding the rope for support. The crowd nearly blows the roof off. Hardy’s music suddenly stops. Then all you hear is……….AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEEE! Then from behind the curtain, appearing with referee Cory Jacobs is none other than The Miz. The crowds are in shock. Some are cheering, some are booing. They both head down to the ring. Cory Jacobs is holding a piece of paper. They get into the ring. Jacobs hands the piece of paper to Dennis Fisher. Fisher throws a dirty look at The Miz and tells the EMT’s to leave the ring with him. Cory Jacobs goes over to Jeff Hardy, Who is still holding the ropes for support. The next thing Jacobs takes the belt from Hardy and he rings the bell. The Miz runs over to Hardy and hits him with a running knee. Hardy is defenseless. There is nothing he can do to stop this. The Miz picks up Hardy and sets him up for the Skull Crushing finale. He goes for the cover. 1-2-3.

Phil Kruger. You’re winner of the match, and New FWO World Champion. The Miz!

CS: What the hell has just happened? Is this official? Is The Miz really our FWO Champion?

BP: I haven’t a clue what is going on Charlie. I saw the same thing as you. Tune in to FWO Wild Wednesday to get some answers. Good night everyone and thanks for joining us.

*The Show ends with The Miz in the middle of the ring with the FWO World Title held above his head.
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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

Country : FWO Reborn England-1

Location : Sunderland, England Number of posts : 7076 Favourite Wrestler : John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, AJ Styles & The Boogyman

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Extract from FWO.com

Quote :
FWO PPV names announced.

After the success of FWO: Blast Off, FWO bosses have announced the names of all of their PPV’s and dates.

November 18th - FWO: Edge of Glory

December 16th - FWO: Happy Holiday

January 20th - FWO: Interactive

February 17th - FWO: Breakout

March 17th - FWO: Rise and Fall

April 14th - FWO: Lord of the Ring

May 12th - FWO: Promise Land

June 9th - FWO: Road to Nowhere

July 7th - FWO: Friend or Foe

August 4th: FWO: Powers Collide

September 1st: Achievement Unlocked

Ring announcer Charlie Speed gave me run down on the PPV’s. Here is what he had to say. “We have named our PPV’s to show the fans we mean business. A few of them have hidden messages. Our next PPV, FWO: Edge of Glory is one of them. The FWO title match and Chicago title match is going to be a championship scramble match. They will have a 30minute time limit. There can be as many pin falls as possible, but you have to pin the champion to become current champion. The superstar holding the title when the time limit is up is the champion.

January’s PPV, FWO: Interactive is pretty much self-explanatory. The views and vote either on FWO.com or via twitter who faces who in what type of match.

FWO: Lord of the Ring is a PPV where superstars will compete in a tournament and the winner will go on to the next PPV, FWO: Promise Land, to face the champion for the FWO World Title.

In May is where we are pulling out all the stops. FWO: Promise Land is going to be our PPV equivalent to WWE’s WrestleMania and TNA’s Bound for Glory.

FWO: Friend or Foe is our July PPV. This is the PPV where we will have 8 men or 10 man elimination tag team matches. Similar to WWE’s Survivor Series.

August see’s FWO: Powers Collide. This is the PPV where The Chicago champion gets a chance at the FWO Title in a champion vs. champion match”

It looks like Ted Dibiase and the FWO mean business. Keep an eye on FWO.com to see it all happen.
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